XAPM112 - Mastering the Project Portfolio

Delivery: Online, At Work, On-Campus

Available: 1999 - 2017


In this core course you will learn an industry-proven approach to the high-challenge yet high-stakes, high-payoff undertaking of ensuring that the organization is investing in the right projects, giving those projects the right resources, and getting them completed at the right time. The course offers a complete, best-practices-based methodology for project selection, prioritization, and oversight-plus mentoring in how to resolve real-world implementation concerns.


William Dieterich
Warren Hausman
Mike Hetrick
Raymond Levitt
Sam Savage

Topics Include

  • Establish effective governance over a project portfolio or multiple project portfolios
  • Evaluate the inherent value—and risk—of projects in the portfolio
  • Align projects with strategic objectives
  • Make trade-offs between several desirable opportunities when faced with insufficient resources to accomplish them all
  • Customize, implement, and institutionalize a portfolio management process that will work for your organization
  • Apply good sense in managing the day-to-day details of the portfolio
  • Reduce the negative impact of organizational politics
  • Integrate the portfolio management process with other business processes
  • Promote organization-wide consistency with regard to portfolio management objectives, processes, roles, and responsibilities
  • Effectively work with clients or customers to help them organize their project portfolios
  • Evaluate existing projects against new projects while managing a dynamic pipeline in which projects are constantly added, closed out, and rescoped
  • Effectively estimate resource capacity against resource demand
  • Better understand project interdependence
  • Effectively handle the requests of project and functional managers for more time, money, and resources