XAPM113 - Mastering the Integrated Program

Delivery: Online, On Campus, At Work

Available: 2001 - 2015


By definition, programs are interconnected. The challenge is how to best design and manage these interconnections. Learn leading practices for managing and leading the program to successful completion through the effective use of: case development; output/outcome planning; resource planning and management; agreement &  change management; dealing with power & politics; generating accountability; and maintaining critical communication.
Topics Include

  •  Identify and plan for issues that interfere with successful program execution
  •  Manage the critical agreement structure with diverse program stakeholders
  • Contend for constrained organizational resources in complex global environments
  • Systematically plan and execute critical program processes to understand, align, translate, and deliver expected outcomes for customers, sponsors, partners and staff
  • Establish an adaptive program subculture emphasizing accountability while valuing the diverse representation on the team