XAPM210 - Designing the Organization for Execution

Delivery: Online, On-Campus

Available: 1999 - 2015


Ability to execute strategy is widely acknowledged to be the ultimate differentiator-and ultimate challenge-in today's business environment. This course will enable you to be an effective contributor in shaping an organization that is equal to the undertaking. You will be prepared to create the structure, culture, processes, and tools that align your organization's implementation capability with its strategy-even when that strategy must continually change in response to market demands.


Jay Galbraith
Hau Lee
Ray Levitt
William Malek
Topics Include

  • Design an organization capable of aligning its project and program activities with its business strategy, in real-time
  • Successfully resolve the range of "people issues" that can impede responsiveness and flexibility
  • Develop the capability to respond quickly, fully, and seamlessly to global customers' expectations
  • Expand your organization's capability to execute by building high-functioning alliances with the right vendors
  • Identify and create the optimal matrix organization for your organization
  • Come to grips with the cultural issues that stand in your organization's way
  • Increase your effectiveness as a change agent within the implementation environment