XAPM211 - The Strategic PMO: Projects to Enterprise

Delivery: Online, At Work

Available: 2008 - 2016


Learn a wide range of proven techniques and emerging concepts for creating strategic project management offices (SPMO) that enable effective implementation of organizational strategy through engagements, portfolios, programs, and projects. As part of the Stanford Advanced Project Management curriculum, this course combines the latest research from Stanford University with the world of practical strategy execution. Using innovative decision matrices, you will explore how to best adopt Strategic PMOs by design, not default. You will also focus on key factors for success, staffing, Strategic PMO activities, and the organizational infrastructure for the Strategic PMO. Special modules will analyze the importance of power and politics in creating and managing Strategic PMOs and the role of Strategic PMOs in supporting organizational change.


Suzanne Harrison
Raymond Levitt Professor
Michael Pierantozzi
John Warren

Topics Include

  • Explain why a Strategic PMO may be needed for complex programs and projects
  • Define Strategic PMO and the activities it delivers that cannot be accomplished as well elsewhere in the organization, particularly as an agent of change
  • Determine the best Strategic PMO design and how to best implement it, given your desired
  • Assess the political environment, identify forces that support (or thwart) effective Strategic PMO operation, navigating them successfully
  • Provide, as needed, a consistent Strategic PMO framework across the enterprise
  • Determine how to leverage your Strategic PMO practice for greater impact on the organization and its strategy
  • Address real-world challenges in running a Strategic PMO and apply practices learned during a reality dive simulation