XAPM212 - Financial Mastery for Projects

Delivery: Online, On Campus, At Work

Availability: 2003 - 2016


Achieve a deeper understanding of corporate finance and investment analysis as practiced by today's portfolio, program, and project managers. In this course, designed specifically for non-financial managers, you'll learn how a project's performance affects revenue recognition, profitability, and cash flow for the organization as a whole. You'll be prepared to communicate more confidently about the economic value of projects throughout their lifecycle.


Raymond Levitt
James Patell
Henry Riggs
John Warren

Topics Include

  • Glean critical information from the key financial statements-and the important disclosures in their footnotes
  • Assess business performance using key metrics and financial ratios
  • Compare the implications of various types of project financing
  • Conduct a financial analysis of a project proposal using investment analysis techniques
  • Generate and analyze various project scenarios to increase the chances of a project's financial success
  • Be alert to the potential for financial statement fraud, other types of fraud, and grounds for commercial litigation
  • Manage and communicate so as to demonstrate a project's contribution to your organization's overall financial performance