XAPM214 - Managing Without Authority

Delivery: Online, At Work, On-Campus

Availability: 2001 - 2017


Learn how to maintain positive relationships yet get things done in a project-based matrix environment in which you lack direct authority. This course demonstrates effective techniques and provides plenty of practice in using them. You'll acquire knowledge and skills you can leverage to negotiate priorities, get people to work together productively, manage highly charged situations, resolve performance problems, and keep projects on track despite the challenges that inevitably arise.


Stephen Barley
John Boose

Topics Include

  • Influence decisions others make that are critical to your success and your project's or program's success
  • Hold people accountable through means other than hierarchical authority
  • Communicate performance problems in a fact-based, non-punishing manner that encourages mutual problem solving
  • Appropriately diagnose the root causes of performance problems in order to plan immediate and effective corrective action
  • Gain commitments from project team members who are not direct reports, so as to meet expectations and fulfill agreements
  • Deal with strong emotions that can arise among customers, partners, employees, and managers
  • Reduce the conflict inherent in a project-based matrix environment
  • Promote higher productivity, efficiency, and performance