XAPM216 - Leading Effective Teams

Delivery: Online, At Work, On-Campus

Availability: 2004 - 2017


The expanding global marketplace has placed a new premium on a leader's ability to manage geographically distributed teams. The solution lies more in understanding the internal and external dynamics than using the newest software tools that keep us connected. This course provides new insights and skills that will enable you to coordinate, communicate and collaborate more effectively with team members, regardless of location.

Previously known as Strategies for Contemporary Team Leadership.


Diane Bailey 
Stephen Barley 
John Boose 
Pamela Hinds

Topics Include

  • Manage conflict more effectively and turn it into a source for innovation
  • Alter the way you design, develop and measure teams to leverage leading edge strategies and techniques
  • Identify cultural and language issues that can impact team problem solving
  • Overcome difficulties presented by distance and the limitations of communication technologies
  • Develop a team culture that encourages innovation in project teams
  • Manage the contributions of temporary team members
  • Maximize the use of communication technologies