XAPM222 - Building Winning Stakeholder Commitments

Delivery: On-Campus                          

Available: 2011          


This course develops skill in managing stakeholder relationships, whether internal or external. You will acquire proven communication and negotiation techniques for handling the challenging dynamics of stakeholder interaction. You'll learn how you can be most effective at diagnosing stakeholder problems, selling ideas internally, managing stakeholders' changing needs and wants, facilitating decision making, ensuring stakeholder satisfaction, and following through on opportunities for business development.


Tom Kosnik

Topics Include

  • Increase stakeholder satisfaction without compromising your organization's values and goals
  • Balance competing objectives
  • Employ optimal communication techniques when interacting with key project stakeholders
  • Facilitate decision making
  • Conduct principled negotiations that bring project goals and financial requirements into alignment
  • Take gender and cultural differences into consideration when interacting with stakeholders
  • Recognize and capitalize on opportunities for business development inside and outside the stakeholder's organization