XAPM230 - Project Innovation Through Design Thinking

Delivery: Online, On-Campus

Availabilty: 2010 - 2017


This course explores how project managers can use design thinking to foster innovation in their project teams. Participants will be introduced to design thinking through experiential learning, lectures, and class discussion. 

Learn how to use design thinking as a process to better understand problems, generate ideas, and evaluate creative solutions. At the end of the course, participants should be aware of different approaches and be better prepared to lead and facilitate innovation in their project teams.

Previously known as Innovating Global Products and Services.


Banny Banerjee
Michael Barry
Pamela Hinds
Julie Stanford

Topics Include

  • Design Thinking
  • Understanding user needs
  • Ideation
  • Perspectives on culture
  • Challenges in cross-cultural design
  • Cross-cultural design strategies
  • Mind mapping
  • Reframing problem
  • Storytelling and Narratives
  • Identifying imperatives and the opportunity spaces for your projects