XAPMC211 - Effective Project Management Office

Delivery: Online, On-Campus                                      

Available: 2000 - 2008        


Based on extensive research and practical experience gained in working with some of the largest, most complex project organizations in the world, this course provides a practical framework for defining, creating, implementing, and managing an appropriate, effective project support function. You'll learn how to recognize what is working and what more can be done to assure that your organization's project management office (PMO) creates value, not overhead.

Topics Include

  • Evaluate the different configurations for a PMO and its potential functions within your organization
  • Determine whether your organization would benefit most from having a formal PMO as a functional entity or simply a virtual community of practice that supports and enables project work
  • Create the proper balance between supporting project work and "policing" project work, including guidance and metrics for measuring success and continuous improvement
  • Leverage the project support skills in your organization to assure organizational support instead of project-by-project coordination
  • Define roles and responsibilities of the PMO members and project management personnel
  • Position the PMO to enable project communication and integrate key processes among all levels of the organization
  • Enable the PMO to improve project performance across the board and retain critical project-based intellectual capital