XAPMC217 - Managing Upward

Delivery: On-Campus

Available: 2001-2007


Just as Project Managers require skills for managing project teams in a matrixed organization, project teams need to know how to positively influence and facilitate the decision-making process of multiple managers.

The authority, responsibility, and information requirements differ between the disciplines of project, program, and portfolio management.  This course presents a solution for keeping management informed, but not overwhelmed, by leveraging available information and concentrating on fact-based management in your project-centric organization.  You become a gifted asset to your project organization as you learn to gracefully maneuver between the various levels of leadership while producing effective and consistent results.

Topics Include

  • Know how to focus decision-making on the strategic implications of the alternatives, and avoid ego-based argument about preferred solutions
  • Clearly understand the knowledge-acquiring requirements at all levels of a project-centric organization, and when the quantity of data accelerates or impedes the decision-making process
  • Receive practical, decision-based solutions to presenting information to multiple levels of management in fast-paced project-based organization
  • Learn effective techniques for managing information-based decision-making in a virtual environment
  • Practice presentation skills that encourage decision-making by upper management, distinguishing between live presentation, written presentation and surrogate presentation