Advanced Structures and Failure Analysis Graduate Certificate

Stanford School of Engineering

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Advanced Structures and Failure Analysis Graduate Certificate


As of January 14th, 2019 this certificate is no longer available, but is still recognized by Stanford University. Students who earned this certificate completed three courses from the four listed to the right.

If you participated in the program and would like to access your records of completion, please contact Student & Client Services at

Modern structures for aerospace applications require the advanced knowledge of specialty beams, trusses, frames, rings, and monocoque members. Design engineers have started substituting heavier metal-based components with their lightweight composite counterparts. These hybrid designs, involving coupled metal/composite elements, which are now becoming commonplace, have drastically different failure responses, and understanding such structural failure is paramount to designing the next generation of safe and reliable aerospace vehicles.

The Advanced Structures and Failure Analysis graduate certificate covered the fundamental theory of advanced aerospace structures and also the applied techniques of investigating sources of structural failure.

Students in this certificate learned

  • The sound theoretical techniques for analyzing all types of aerospace structure
  • The analysis required to design, build, and test advanced composite-based structures
  • The leading industry failure analysis techniques with applications that are likely to include aircraft accidents, auto accidents, fire and explosions, materials failures and metallurgical procedures, and biomechanical accidents


  • Calculus and undergraduate-level physics (statics).
  • A conferred Bachelor’s degree with an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or better.