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Artificial Intelligence Professional Program


Advances in artificial intelligence are impacting all aspects of daily life, and demand is on the rise for skilled engineers across a wide range of AI fields. The Artificial Intelligence Professional Program is designed for working professionals who want to dive into AI topics at graduate-level depth, but with additional flexibility of schedule and scope.

Modeled after the Stanford AI Graduate Certificate, the professional courses provide a rigorous introduction to machine learning, as well as opportunities to dive into theoretical and project-based learning in natural language processing and understanding.

All courses in the professional program are adapted from lectures and materials delivered in on-campus Stanford graduate courses. The professional courses feature enhanced support from Stanford-affiliated Course Assistants, all of whom have taken the courses and are working in industry.

Future offerings from the AI Graduate Certificate course list will be adapted to the AI Professional Program in consultation with Computer Science Dept. faculty.*

Earning the Certificate

You may earn a Stanford Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence by completing three courses within the program. Each course requires approximately 8-12 hours per week, depending on prior knowledge and experience with the material, and takes place over 10 weeks.

    Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    You’ll earn 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for each course completed within this certificate program. CEUs cannot be applied toward any Stanford degree. CEU transferability is subject to the receiving institution’s policies.


    • Proficiency in Python: Most class assignments will be in Python. If you have extensive programming experience in a different language (C/C++/MATLAB/Java/JavaScript) we recommend you familiarize yourself with Python before you begin your first course. Some assignments will require familiarity with basic Linux command line workflows.
    • College Calculus and Linear Algebra: You should be comfortable taking (multivariable) derivatives and understanding matrix/vector notation and operations.
    • Probability Theory: You should be familiar with basic probability distributions (Continuous, Gaussian, Bernoulli, etc.) and be able to define the following concepts for both continuous and discrete random variables: Expectation, independence, probability distribution functions, and cumulative distribution functions.


      Prior to enrolling in your first course in the AI Professional Program, you must complete a short application (15-20 minutes). The application allows you to share more about your interest in joining, as well as verify that you meet the prerequisite requirements needed to make the most of the experience. If you have previously completed the application, you will not be prompted to do so again.


      $1,595 per course ($4,785 to complete the three-course certificate)



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