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Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Certificate


General Track

The mission of Stanford’s Civil and Environmental Engineering department is to advance education and research in engineering the built and natural environments, with a particular emphasis on long-term sustainability. We use technologies from materials science, physics, biology, mathematics, computing and the social sciences to ask how we can best design and manage the buildings and cities, dams and water systems, highway networks, and energy grids that support our daily lives.

The General track in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Certificate program is an opportunity to explore our offerings. It is perfect for professionals looking to expand their skills or considering returning to academia to pursue a master's or PhD.

Earning the Certificate

  • Complete four total courses, selecting at least one from each area.
  • Begin your certificate any academic quarter that an applicable course is offered, subject to prerequisites.
  • Take courses for graduate credit and a grade. Maintain a B average (GPA of 3.0) or better.
  • Finish all course work within three years of adding the certificate.


  • A degree in a related field with at least a 3.0 GPA. 
  • General familiarity with the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. 

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Note: you can only earn the certificate in one track.


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Time to Complete Certificate

1-2 years average

3 years maximum to complete


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