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Databases Graduate Certificate


The Databases Graduate Certificate offers a comprehensive course of study in database systems, from elementary foundations, such as relation systems and common query languages, through systems implementation and ultimately distributed transaction processing.

  • Acquire a strong foundation in database systems
  • Learn to design and implement database management systems
  • Perform transaction processing and distributed data management
  • Explore applications of technologies highly related to databases, including web search, computer networking, and artificial intelligence

Who Should Apply

  • Software engineers
  • Database architects
  • Database administrators

Earning the Certificate

  • Tailor the certificate to your interests and career goals
  • Begin your certificate any academic quarter that an applicable course is offered, subject to prerequisites
  • Take courses for graduate credit and a grade
  • Receive a B (3.0) or better in each course


  • Programming experience: C/C++ (CS 108 or equivalent).
  • A conferred Bachelor’s degree with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better.


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Tuition is based on the number of units you take. See Graduate Course Tuition on our Tuition & Fees page for more information.

Time to Complete Certificate

1-2 years average
3 years maximum to complete


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