Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Certificate

Stanford School of Engineering

  • Professional Program
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The Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program examines emerging technologies, policies, economics, finance, management, and behavioral science that will transform how we obtain, distribute, store, and use energy. Through a variety of online energy courses, you may focus your studies based on your interests.

This online energy education program brings together some of the world's most preeminent researchers in the energy field to share their knowledge and expertise.

In this Certificate You Will...

  • Gain a greater understanding of the entire energy landscape
  • Learn the fundamentals of how each technology works and the relevant economics
  • Obtain a clear picture of where each technology is headed and determine the opportunities to contribute to its development and marketing
  • Receive valuable insights into what knowledge and experience are needed to be successful in these fields
  • Learn how to make wise investments in energy companies

Who Should Enroll

  • Professionals currently working in energy fields or those wishing to move into the field
  • Engineers
  • Product developers
  • Product marketing managers
  • Entrepreneurs, investors, accountants, and policy makers seeking a greater understanding of the energy industry and possibilities

Some parts of the modules are technical in nature, so a scientific or engineering background is helpful but not required.

EIET Academic Director: Associate Professor William Chueh of Material Science and Engineering

Earning the Certificate

To earn the Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Certificate, you must complete any four courses within the program.


$295 per online course

Time to Complete Certificate

The program’s energy online education courses are self-paced and available on-demand for 60 days after the date of enrollment.* This enables you to complete the program at your own pace. Each course takes roughly 3-4 hours to complete depending on your familiarity with the topic and experience with online learning.

Our pacing recommendation for courses of this length is to complete each course within 15 days. To be on track, we recommend that you plan to spend approximately two hours per week on the course.

*Enroll in any course in this program before June 30, 2020, and you will automatically receive 150 days to access course materials, video lectures, assignments, and exams, rather than the standard 60-day access period.



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