Foundations for Data Science

Stanford School of Engineering

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As of October 1, 2020 this certificate is no longer available, but is still recognized by Stanford University.

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In order to earn this certificate participants completed the following three courses:

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Python
  • R Programming Fundamentals

Comprised of three comprehensive and introductory online courses, this program focused on teaching participants the foundational programming and statistics skills they need to kick-start a career in data science—no prior experience necessary.

Participants learned from Stanford faculty with step-by-step instructions, listened to insights from industry experts, and developed understanding through case studies and real-world examples. The program included ungraded programming exercises to help build and practice skills. No final exam or capstone project was required.

Students in this certificate learned

  • Statistical thinking concepts that are essential for learning from data and communicating insights; ability to perform exploratory data analysis, understand the key principles of sampling, and select appropriate tests of significance for multiple contexts.
  • R programming language from installation to basic statistical functions; ability to work with variable and external data sets and write functions.
  • Python programming language with a focus on data science applications; understanding of basic syntax, programming, and commonly used packages for data manipulation and exploration.


  • Basic familiarity with computers and productivity software
  • No calculus required
  • Helpful but not required: experience/background in a scientific or engineering discipline

Earning the Certificate and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Upon completing three required courses, participants received a Certificate of Completion acknowledging their successful participation in the program.

Participants earned 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for each course completed within this certificate program. CEUs cannot be applied toward any Stanford degree. CEU transferability is subject to the receiving institution’s policies.