Statistics MS Degree

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences

  • Master's Degree
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The department requires that students take 45 units of work from offerings in the Department of Statistics or from authorized courses in other departments. The units break down into 4 required categories:

  • Statistics Core
  • Statistics Depth
  • Linear Algebra Mathematics
  • Programming

The required courses must be taken for a letter grade and students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher to earn their Master's degree. In addition to the required courses, students must take elective courses to complete the unit requirement. This degree requires on campus attendance, as a majority of the coursework is not available at a distance. To view the list of required courses and approved electives, please refer to the Statistics Department web site: Statistics Department Degree Program

Statistics Core Requirement

To satisfy the breadth requirement students must take 4 core courses in statistics. These courses are:

  • Probability (Stats116)
  • Stochastic Processes (Stats217)
  • Applied Statistics (Stats191)
  • Theoretical Statistics (Stats200)

All must be taken for a letter grade. Students with a prior background in any of these areas may replace specific courses with a more advanced course from the same area. For replacement course options please use the link located above in "Description" section.

Statistic Depth Requirement

To satisfy the depth requirement students must take four additional courses in statistics from the 200 or 300 level. All must be taken for a letter grade.

Linear Algebra Mathematics Requirement

Students must take one of the following courses to satisfy the mathematics requirement:

  • Applied Matrix Theory (Math 104)
  • Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory (Math 113)

Students who have had linear algebra may take a more advanced mathematics course, (e.g. Math 115 - Functions of a Real Variable or Math 171 - Fundamental Concepts of Analysis) or other math courses with their program advisor's approval.

Programming Requirement

Students may take one of the following courses to satisfy the programming requirement:

  • Programming Methodology (CS106A)
  • Programming Methodology and Abstractions (CS106X)
  • Intro to Scientific Computing (CS137)

Students who have these skills may elect a more advanced CS course.


Graduate courses crosslisted with the Statistics department are approved as electives for the program. Please refer to the Statistics Department web site for a list of approved elective courses: Approved Elective Courses

Other graduate courses (200 or above) may be authorized by the program advisor if they provide skills relevant to statistics or deal primarily with an application of statistics or probability and do not overlap with courses in the student's program.


For course tuition and fees, please click Tuition & Fees.

Time Commitment

Most part-time students take an average of 3 to 5 years to complete the unit requirement. You must complete a Master's degree within 5 years of starting the program. Note: Some on-campus attendance will be required for degree completion.


For detailed information about the application and admission process, please refer to the application requirements page on the Statistics Department web site: Admissions Information

Honors Cooperative Program Students

MS students should be aware that they will not be able to take all of the necessary courses online in Statistics. Attendance in courses offered only on-campus will be necessary to complete such a degree. Please make arrangements with your employer to be on campus during some quarters during the middle of the day to complete the needed course work.