Rose Damestani: Leadership Aspiration

Graduate Certificate, Management Science and Engineering

Knowledge is power and she is looking to increase her strength as she moves into more leadership roles within the field of biotechnology. 

"The insight I gained through this program has helped me grow as a leader."

What initially interested you in pursuing the Management Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate?

I was fascinated with the Management Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate because I love education that broadens my horizons and teaches me to make informed decisions. The company I work for, Genentech, offered me the oppurtunity to study at Stanford while I worked as an Operations Rotational Development Program Analyst. The certificate program gave me the chance to learn about inventory control, regulations, accounting, operations and decision analysis—all skills complimentary to my degree in chemical engineering. 

How has the Management Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate helped you in your career?

A goal of mine is to rise to a leadership role in the biotechnology industry and I need to be aware of the social, political, economic and environmental impacts that I will encounter. The concepts I learned in the program made me more knowledgeable and a more competitive employee. 

What was your favorite course? 

My favorite course was Technology Assessment and Regulation of Medical Devices (MS&E256). My current position gave me a limited amount of understanding of regulations on medical devices. From the course, I was able to grab the why and the how behind these regulations. Professor Jan Pietzsch was outstanding at engaging the online students and making us feel involved in the class, even though we were participating remotely. Throughout the quarter he provided us with several opportunities to have 1:1 group meetings with him and get advice about our group projects.

What has been the most valuable part of earning the Management Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate?

A valueable asset for myself has been establishing a network with exceptionally talented professors and students. I also enjoyed working at Genentech and taking graduate classes simultaneously because I was able to directly apply the theoretical concepts I learned in class to a real-world setting on a daily basis.

What advice can you give current students to help them succeed in the program?

I appreciated being able to network with my professors, teaching assistants and classmates. It is very rewarding to establish a connection with a group of people who are as driven and passionate as you. Also, take courses in areas you don’t know much about. I truly believe that knowledge is the power to success and I have no doubt that what you learn will benefit you at some point in your life and career.